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3 Reasons why your dog should always have his own dog bed

Have you been letting your dog sleep in your bed? Are you getting a new dog and think it may be more humane to allow him to sleep with you, rather than making him sleep in a dog bed of his own?


If allowing your dog on your bed either during the day or at night is something you are considering, think again. Not only is having your dog on your bed an incredibly unhygienic thing to do, but there are three other reasons why a dog should have his own dog bed too.


Your pet needs a space of his own — Just like any human being, every dog needs to feel that he has a place of his own to go to. If you do not provide him with one, he will find one.


This might be under the sofa, in a cupboard or out in the garage. Wherever he goes though, it will not usually be as comfortable as his own bed.


Buy your dog his own dog bed (e.g. on, however, and he will feel welcomed and loved. He will soon learn that spot is just for him, and that he can go to it at any time to lie down, play with his toys or sleep.


He will become even more secure and feel safe in his home, because having something that is only used by him will allow him to relax even more when he is in it.


It helps set up a routine — When you leave the house to go to work or to go out with your family, you will usually leave your dog behind. When this happens, he can feel unnerved and unsure. He then spends the entire time you are away waiting for you to come back.


This often gives him hours of feeling nervous or insecure because, while you are gone, he has nothing to do but wander around that empty house alone.


Get him a dog bed, however, and it is easy to set up a routine. You can place a couple of dog treats into the bed right as you are leaving, and he will immediately head there. Once he is in the bed, he will often stay there while you are gone. Thus making him feel safer and more relaxed, no matter what time you come back.


When you arrive home, you can then go to his dog bed and give him another couple of treats for being a good dog. This will set up a routine so that he knows treats mean you are leaving, but other treats mean you are coming home. He will then not worry while you are gone, and stay close to his bed so he does not miss his next treats when you come home.


Dogs need a place that is comfortable — Even if you see your dog sleeping on your bed or underneath a table, these places are not built specifically for him.


This can mean he spends hours a day not feeling comfortable, as his back is not supported or the area he is lying in is not conducive for curling up and falling asleep.


This is especially uncomfortable for a dog that is getting older as, just like with humans, muscle pain and arthritis begins to develop.


A dog bed that is the appropriate size for your dog will give him a comfortable place to relax. Particularly as many of these beds come with padded bottoms and sides and give him a soft, comfortable surface to lie on.


You can even buy dog beds that can be heated or cooled down, which will give him a temperature perfect place to sleep no matter what the weather is like.


Choose the right dog bed for your dog in both size and support, and he will go from an animal that does not always enjoy going to bed at the end of the day to one that is in his bed long before you retire for the night.


Remember, dogs need to feel safe, secure and comfortable just like people do. A dog bed can help your dog feel that way without much expense or inconvenience to yourself.

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