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How to Stop Your Concealer from Creasing

A concealer can add brightness, hide your dark circles and make it look like you’ve had your 8 hours of beauty sleep. But sometimes your best friend can turn into a true enemy. When the concealer creases, it tends to gather in the fine lines under your eyes making them more prominent and noticeable. This can instantly add years to your face, which is certainly not the look you are after. Here are some useful tips that can help you have a flawless concealer application:

  • Moisturize your skin. The concealer tends to crease when your skin is dry. Apply a hydrating moisturizer and let it dry before proceeding with your concealer application.
  • Apply a primer. A primer will create a smooth canvas for concealer application. Wait for your moisturizer to completely dry before applying your primer to avoid products buildup.
  • Pick the right type of concealer. Cream concealers provide more coverage but are heavy. Pick a lightweight concealer if yours settles in the fine lines.
  • Add some of your favorite moisturizer to your concealer. This great tip will make the application easier and will also hydrate the skin.

Avoid adding too many layers before letting your concealer set in. Remember that with concealer application, less is always more.

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